Peruvian DECAF

Peruvian DECAF

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Origin: Peru

Region: Cajamarca

Estate: Various small estates

Growing Altitude: 1,200-1600masl

Certification: Fairtrade / Organic

Processing: Water Process Decaffeination

Tasting notes: This coffee developed notes of milk chocolate, red grape and butterscotch.

 In 1895, it was recorded that although Peru was known for coffee production, it was mostly for domestic use.  In the years since production has moved from mostly wealthy European farms to smaller independent producers.  In order to overcome the challenges that face small-lot producers, many have formed cooperatives to mitigate these hurdles.  Today, Peru is noted as a major producer of organic and fair-trade coffee beans, and coffee is one of the country’s most important agricultural sectors.

 REGION:  San Jose de Lourdes, San Ignacio

Located in the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru. This region extends north to the Ecuadorian border. Described as a privileged climate, the area boasts a wooded mountainous landscape, with many natural resources.  The town of San Jose de Lourdes is accessible only by cable car or raft, which makes it logistically difficult.

 PRODUCER:  Coop Agraria de Servicios Multiples El Milagro

This small but growing cooperative is mostly made up of farms that are only 3 hectares in size.  Despite the difficult location, they have an office and cupping lab, and have recently invested in enclosed drying structures.  This has allowed members to improve their drying techniques, and subsequently, increase cup quality as well.  Since 2015, the cooperative has also begun a micro-lot program.  This provides the producer cupping feedback, a desire to improve quality, and general encouragement.